Biotech in Action

Biotechnology is certainly a buzzword not only in today’s world of science and technology but also in trade and economy. The word has evolved and gave rise to new words such as bioeconomy, biosafety, biosecurity, biocommunication and biodiplomacy.


Biotechnology feeds, fuels and heals the world through various applications. What is more interesting is that it provides sustainable solutions that reduce the environmental footprints.


Malaysia has a strong commitment to develop this field into a vibrant engine for economic growth. However, the supply chain to bring laboratory bench work to the marketplace is an arduous one that not only involves basic and translational research, but a deep understanding of market needs, knowledge on commercialisation, regulations, intellectual property rights, and communication.


These myriad factors require strong alliances and collaboration among key stakeholders such as scientists, academia, industry players, policymakers, economists, lawyers and investors.


The supply chain towards commercialisation in Malaysia needs to be strengthened and the missing links have to be identified. This is the aim of “Biotech in Action”.


A series of workshops, forum, dialogues and programmes will be organised under this banner by the Malaysian Biotechnology Information Centre (MABIC), Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and Taylor’s University with other relevant institutes and agencies.



  1. Create a platform for all stakeholders involved in S&T, innovation and commercialisation to network, establish collaboration and to discuss issues related to ST&I
  2. Highlight products and discoveries of biotechnology that will drive tomorrow's economy.
  3. Establish linkages that will catalyse the development of emergent technology into viable solutions.